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Company registration in uae enables to experience the conducive environment for business by availing enormous benefits offered by UAE. It is a popular choice among foreign investors for setting up a company mainly due to the 100% foreign ownership, tax savings, ease of doing business, up-scaled business infrastructure, e-governance system, top-class lifestyle, and growing business opportunities.

Investors can choose from a wide range of company registration options available in the region. AURION provides complete assistance for registering a company in UAE. Based on your exact business requirement and the nature of business activity, our expert professionals will guide you with the right option for company formation in the region.

The Jurisdiction of Company Registration in UAE is categorized into three- Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore Jurisdiction. The Mainland Company can now be registered as 100% expatriate owned entity in UAE as per the recent Cabinet Resolution of 2021. However, depending on the business activity and industrial sector, there are certain regulations to be fulfilled by the investor.

The Free Zones and Offshore Companies can be setup with 100% expatriate shareholding. However, they are distinct in their characteristics, business operations as well as the governing business laws. The cost of Free Zone Company Registration in UAE starts from AED 11,700 for a One Visa Quota package. The Free Zones in UAE offer a wide range of business activities and license types to choose from.

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About US

The company started in 2002, We are passionate about offshore financial services and asset protection from lawsuits. Our company has contributed to legislation in UAE. The principles of our company converse regularly with heads of state to influence legislation in the best interest of our clients.

Offshore Tax Benefits

UAE Mainland is home to numerous large multi-national companies, small and medium companies, retail shops, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centres, and more. Brands around the world are looking for an opportunity to tap into the mainland of UAE. Mainland Company Registration in UAE is one of the most sought-after business investment by investors to actively reach out to the multi-cultural audience and expand to the local UAE markets. Following are the major company structures in the Mainland of UAE.

According to the recent Cabinet Decision of 2021 there is a significant change for the Mainland Company Registration process. The mainland companies can now be 100% expatriate owned across selected business categories ranging from commercial, industrial, trading, etc.

There are certain strategic business sectors such as the security, defiance & military activities; services related to fisheries; banks, exchange shops, tele- communication, etc. that are restricted for the 100% expatriate ownership.